This is why I re-branded Luxeating ♥

It’s been exactly a year since my food magazine Luxeating has been launched. A lot has changed, I learned countless new tips about food blogging and curating a food account on Instagram. I met an enourmous amount of friends throughout this exceptional experience. But most importantly, I got to discover the countless number of accounts that were similar to mine and were sharing the same concept. So I decided it was time to make a change, to develop a new strategy and move forward with my own unique concept. So today, I say goodbye to Luxeating Instagram and welcome Luxrilife with wide open arms. I will be explaining below why I decided to make this huge decision knowing that it will affect my followers as much as it will affect my content.

1  – Matching twins: I have been thinking a lot, and having an Instagram account that doesn’t match the website really didn’t make much sense to me. I know I should’ve considered this way before I developed an audience but just like they say: Better Late than Never huh?!

2 – A need to expand: This is mainly what pushed me to the limit of re-branding my account: I just realized that there were numerous accounts just like mine, that have been sharing the same concept and I don’t really enjoy posting useless content. So part of the re-branding consists in developing a new strategy that includes informing and educating subtly in the way I write my captions.

3 – A need to introduce variety: My pictures looked all the same and I felt kind of trapped; this especially started to emerge when the account started getting tagged in beautiful pictures that didn’t fit the theme. I decided to feature a more variate kind of content, and successfully introduced people to the feed which made it look a lot nicer!

My point is from all this, that I wasn’t afraid to change and you shouldn’t either! If you don’t feel comfortable with the way your feed looks, just go ahead and make a change! you won’t regret it 😉

If you like what you read, please help by sharing with your friends and all over your social media channels. Until next time!

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