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How to reach 12K Followers in 6 months!

I started scouting for a catchy name that would combine my passions into one. I was raised to the fact that Eating Luxury was having any hot meal on the table because kids on the streets were dying for an ice-cold bite. While other children were busy opening gifts and blaming Santa for getting them the wrong present, I used to feel sad about those who get to sleep on December 24th under a bridge. After I reminded myself of all these little details, the name came up by its own.

Luxeating was born on October 1st  2016

Since Luxeating was born, I’ve been taking care of it like a baby; waking up early and staying up late became both a commitment and an obsession: I used to wait till the early hours to reach a milestone and remember waking up around 5:00 in the morning just to rest my mind that a picture actually reached 100 likes! Yet all came back around after 6 month and I reached the K club before I knew it with 12K Followers so far!

That said, brace yourselves my loves, because I’ll be sharing details about how to be Instagram successful that no one has ever told you about!

  • Don’t settle for low resolution: The one thing I learned about posting is to always RAISE the bar. Either post the best or don’t bother posting at all!
  • Depend more on bright colors and less on dull colors: Brighter colors are way more EYE CATCHING than black or brown and I mean this in the nicest way possible.
  • Mix between relevant and well-known hashtags: people who tell you to only use relevant or least known hashtags simply DO NOT WANT TO HELP YOU! And don’t settle for less than 30 hashtags: Looking for a much cleaner post? Simply include 2-3 hashtags in your captions and post the REST in the comment box!


  • If you’re looking to develop your passion into a business, constantly check and ENGAGE with your followers: I don’t care how much time it takes; I answer each and every one’s comment and message because I want that same person to follow me.

Taco night? 💚 #Luxeating 📸 @foodbymaria

A post shared by Luxeating ® |Food | Lifestyle (@luxeating) on

Now that you have the tools, don’t hesitate and start applying them! You will thank me in 6 months 😉

Until Next Time!


  1. omg thanx so much for those tips, it’s so honest and true, i just started blowing and insta 2 month ago but really started 1 month ago and am curious to see how fast i will grow:) thanx for sharing hun, sending you love xoxo


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