How to Post on Instagram from a Computer

You might be familiar with surfing Instagram from your computer but have you thought about POSTING directly from it? Because some of us do not own great phone cameras and it’s a real pain to transfer pictures from our camera to our desktop, edit them then re-transfer them […]

Top 5 Best Hotels on Instagram

Instagram has undoubtedly developed into this platform for Hotels to expose their brand to a wider audience FOR FREE! But between 700 MILLION active users a month, it’s hard to stand out and win the Instagram game. The following hotels are nailing it though.  FOUR SEASONS HOTELS AND RESORTS With […]

4 Characteristics of a Boss Lady

Let’s get one thing straight from the beginning, Being a Boss Lady DOES NOT have to be about living in a mansion or driving a fancy car. A Boss Lady is a Lady who took leadership and ownership of her life, a woman who overcomes daily obstacles and […]