When I first quit my first office job, the least I could say is that I was completely lost. I never thought that one day I’ll be working on my own and rocking a successful Food Magazine on Instagram.
The thought of running my own website was far from realisable and I never knew that I could actually design it and customise it from scratch!
Everything was blurry around me until I took a deep breath, sat down, reached my notebook and started to plan, write down, and execute.
Now I’m a Social Media Manager managing Luxeating  on Instagram and www.luxrilife.com  in my jammies! No Jokes!!
Inside this website, I will be sharing with you exclusive Boss Lady tips and tricks that you can NEVER find on any other website.
I will be guiding you through the whole process, and help you ladies start your own business ONLINE from scratch!
But that’s not all! 😉
I will also be sharing my favourite tips and recommendations for a luxurious lifestyle that suits the beautiful woman that you are! 😉
Can’t wait to connect with you all 🙂
If you Like what you read, please spread the love by sharing on your Social Media channels and with your friends 🙂
Until Next Time 🙂

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